Dec 11

Maintenance of historical buildings

As a part of our mission, we look to preserve worthy structures and historical estates as witnesses of their time and roots in our cultural history. Much of the building fabric of the past has already been severely affected by environmental pollution. By supporting various serious researches, we want to help our offspring preserve architecture in the original and not just as a partial falsified reproduction. Even historically significant goods such as paintings, printing works and art objects should not be dug in museum archives, but should be made accessible to the public at places of encounter.


Straßenkinder: Leben in ständiger Gefahr


Ausbeutung und Gewalt, Missbrauch und Mangelernährung, keine Fürsorge und keine Schulbildung: Straßenkinder sind schutzlos. Sie werden diskriminiert, gelten pauschal als kriminell. Die meisten Kinder, die auf der Straße leben, haben bereits eine Geschichte von Gewalt und Vernachlässigung hinter sich. Das,at fördert Projekte, in denen Straßenkinder in ein geregeltes Leben zurück finden.




Street children: living in peril
Exploitation and violence, misuse and lack of nutrition, no care and no school education: street children are defenseless. They are discriminated against as a criminal. Most children who live on the street have already had a history of violence and neglect. The, at promotes projects in which road children find themselves in a regular life.