Dec 29

The History of Green Cross

Green Cross Austria-Romania

We are responsible for groundbreaking projects

Founded in 1990, Green Cross is an Austrian-Romanian non-profit humanitarian organisation aimed at assisting people, communities and institutions for the defence of human rights, protection of the environment, community development and preservation of local traditional values. The Green Cross has been involved in projects in former communist countries in Eastern Europe: raising awareness on HIV/AIDS and environmental issues, providing education and supplying needed goods (e.g. food, clothing items, computers or toys). Green Cross also participated in humanitarian operations in conflict and post-conflict areas (e.g. Iraq, Central Africa, Kosovo, Chechnya, Afghanistan etc.) providing food, medical supplies, water filters and shelter.

Our work covers a wide range of policy and legislative areas including:

  • Protection of christians around the world
  • Children's rights and citizenship
  • Youth employment
  • Child poverty
  • Youth justice
  • Disability